Yokogawa has more than 45 years' experience in the development, design, and manufacture of pressure sensors and pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters. The DPharp series of digital pressure transmitters use a differential pressure high accuracy resonance (DPharp) sensor that represents one of the most revolutionary advances in transmitter technology.

EJA Series Pressure Transmitters/Differential Pressure Transmitters

  • The DPharp EJA series of intelligent differential pressure and pressure transmitters features high performance, durability, and reliability. The pressure detector, the core of the transmitter, uses a silicon resonant sensor that has proven to be highly reliable in the field and offers a complete product lineup.
  • Models:
    EJA110A D.P.
    EJA120A Draft Range D.P.
    EJA130A High Static D.P.
    EJA210A/EJA220A Flange Mounted D.P.
    EJA310A Absolute P.
    EJA430A Gauge P.
    EJA440A High Static Gauge P.
    EJA510A/EJA530A Absolute and Gauge P.
    EJA118 Diaphragm Sealed D.P. Model EJA118W, EJA118N and EJA118Y
    EJA438 Diaphragm Sealed Gauge P. Models EJA438W, EJA438N

  • Meters

  • Switchboard Instruments
  • 2101A/2181A DC Ammeters/Voltmeters | 2102A/2182A AC Ammeters/Voltmeters | 2105A/2185A Wattmeters | 2106A/2186A Varmeters | 2107A/2187A Power Factor Meters | 2108A/2188A Frequency Meters | 2109 Synchroscope

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  • Transducers
  • 2371A DC-DC Isolators | 2372A AC Voltage, Current | 2373A AC Voltage, Current | 2374A AC Voltage, Current | 2375A For Power | 2376A For Reactive Power | 2377A For Phase, Power Factor | 2378A For Frequency

  • Accessories
  • 2215/2216/2217 External shunt | 2222-2226/2228 External Multiplier | 2241-2244/2248/2255/2258 Current Transformer (CT) | 2261/2262/2267-2269 Voltage Transformer (VT) | Carrying case

    Flow metre

  • Best fit flow Solution for your application
  • Yokogawa has wide range of flow solution with high quality, accurate and reliable products. Yokogawa's five Flow Technologies can provide a solution for virtually all flow applications: ADMAG magnetic flowmeters Yewflow vortex shedding flowmeters Rotamass Coriolis mass flowmeters US00 Ultrasonic Flowmeters EJX DPharp differential pressure transmitters. All of these products are designed to give you maximum accuracy, stability, safety and reliability, with the objective of reducing your cost of ownership. You can rely on Yokogawa.


  • TUT Series Digital Indicating Controllers
  • UTAdvanced digital indicating controller employs an easy-to-read, 14-segment large color LCD display, along with

    navigation keys, thus greatly increasing the monitoring and operating capabilities.

  • UT100 Series Temperature Controllers
  • The lineup includes 1/16 DIN to 1/4 DIN sizes. Heating/cooling control and RS-485 communication are optional features.

  • Limit Controllers
  • 1/16 DIN and 1/4 DIN sized Limit Controllers are FM approved, and configurable either as High or Low limit controller, and universal input, timer for exceeded duration.