Ex-Control Units and Control Stations

The enclosures consist of impact-resistant thermoplastic, glass-fibre-reinforced polyester, light alloy or stainless steel.

A) Ex-Control Stations up to 4 Mounting Areas

Ex-Control Station Type 411

Ex-Control Station Type 432

Ex-Contol Station Type 434

Ex-Control Station Light Alloy Type 413

Ex-Measuring Instrument Light Alloy AM 72

Ex-Control Station Stainless Steel Type 414

Ex-Measuring Instrument Stainless Steel AM 72

B) Ex-Control and Signal Units


Ex-Key Pushbutton/Switch

Ex-Mushroom-Head Pushbutton (Emergency stop and normal version)

Ex-Control Switch


Ex-Signal LFaRaz

Ex-Measuring Instrument

C) Ex-Control Switches

Ex-Control Switch 292/293

Ex-Control Switch 294/295

D) Ex-Light Alloy Control Stations

Ex-Light Alloy Control Stations EFS