Ex-Fluorescent Light Fittings

Ex fluorescent light fittings can be used all over the world and are suited for lighting applications in hazardous areas where special requirements apply, e.g. offshore platforms in the North Sea or refineries in the Middle East. The different light fitting families allow their optimum use in various environments.

A) Ex-LED Light Fitting

eLLK/M 92 LED 400 / 800...CG-S

eLLK/M 92 LED 400 / 800 NIB


eLLK 92... 18-58W

eLLK 92...NIB

eLLM 92

B) Ex-Stainless steel fluorescent light fitting eLLS 08 and eLLS 08 NIB

eLLS 08018/18 & 08036/36

eLLS 08018/18 & 08036/36 NIB

C) Ex-Recessed Ceiling Light Fitting

eLLB 20...(2/4 lamps)

eLLB 20... CGS-S / NIB (2/4-lamps)

RLF 250.../RLF-INOX 250...

D) Ex-d Light Fitting

AB 12...Ni


E) Ex Emergency Light Fitting

nLLK 08 18-58W

F) Ex Light Fitting

nLLK 08...N 18-36W

nLLK 09 18-58W

nLLK10 14-35W

G) Ex-Photocell

Photocell SG-Ex RFE

H) Lighting mounting Systems

Fixing systems