ST 3000® Smart Pressure Transmitter, Series 900 Flush Mount Model

In 1983, Honeywell introduced the first smart pressure transmitter― the ST 3000®. In 1989, Honeywell launched the first all-digital, bi-directional protocol for smart field devices. ST 3000 Series 900 pressure transmitters continue to bring proven smart technology to a wide spectrum of pressure measurement applications.

Honeywell offers the STG93P transmitter for direct insertion in processes with the use of a 1” sleeve, welded into the process line. The primary application is pressure measurement in the head box of pulp and paper plants. The flush mount capability eliminates the possibility of clogging while the insertion design makes transmitter change out rapid and trouble-free. The STG93P transmitter is available in ranges from 0-5 to 0-100 psig and can be installed in a variety of hazardous locations.

All ST 3000 transmitters can provide a 4-20 mA output, Honeywell Digitally Enhanced (DE) output, HART output or FOUNDATION Fieldbus output. When digitally integrated with Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System, ST 3000 instruments provide a more accurate process variable as well as advanced diagnostics.

Honeywell’s cost-effective ST 3000 S900 transmitters lead the industry in reliability and stability:

Stability = +/-0.01% per year
Reliability = 470 years MTBF

STD9XX Differential Pressure(DP)
STD1XX Differential Pressure(DP)
STG(A)9XX Dual Head Gage Pressure (GP) and Single Head Absolute Pressure (AP)
STG(A)9XL In-Line Gage & Absolute Pressure