OTeledyne Technologies Incorporated is a leading provider of sophisticated electronic components and subsystems, instrumentation and communications products, including defense electronics, monitoring and control instrumentation for marine, environmental and industrial applications, harsh environment interconnect products, data acquisition and communications equipment for air transport and business aircraft, and components and subsystems for wireless and satellite communications. We also provide engineered systems and information technology services for defense, space and environmental applications, manufacture general aviation engines and components, and supply energy generation, energy storage and small propulsion products.

Teledyne designs and manufactures sensors, gas and liquid analyzers, and custom systems which combine over 50 years of expertise in electronics, chemistry and engineering.

Series 3000T - Trace Oxygen Analyzers

The Series 3000T Trace Oxygen Analyzers provides powerful microprocessor technology while offering tremendous versatility in the low ppm ranges. This instrument offers three user-selectable linear ranges, high accuracy, fast response, adjustable alarms, and auto diagnostics.

No zero gases are required in most applications. The heart of the analyzer is a specially qualified Micro-fuel Cell designed to measure oxygen in the gas sample.

The sensor is unequaled in the industry for its accuracy, sensitivity, and reliability. The instruments can be used as a separate unit or as a component of a larger analytical system.

Applications include: Air separation, Petrochemical, Chemical processes, Furnace.

Model 3000TB - wall mount unit

The Model 3000TA-XL High Sensitivity Trace Oxygen Analyzer is a cost-effective instrument for measuring oxygen in the 0-1 ppm region. This analyzer offers three dynamic, user-configurable ranges and can be calibrated in any range.

The instrument comes standard with two sets of analog outputs for oxygen concentration and range identification. A bi-directional RS-232C serial communication interface provides for remote monitoring and control of span and zero functions.

The heart of the 3000TA-XL is Teledyne's own B-2CXL sensor which is specific to oxygen and can be used in a variety of background gases including hydrocarbons.

The Model 3000TB Oxygen Analyzer is the bulkhead mount version in the 3000 series of full service oxygen analyzers. This unit provides the latest in powerful microprocessor technology while offering tremendous versatility.

Designed with the user in mind, this unit offers three user-selectable linear ranges, high accuracy, fast response, two adjustable alarms, and auto diagnostics. No zero gases are required.

Model 311 Series of Portable Oxygen Analyzers

FM approved intrinsically safe for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, and D

Analysis of oxygen has become a part of every industry that uses or produces gas or gas mixtures. Teledyne’s complete line of portable gas analyzers provides this vital analysis in a compact package operating without an external power source.

Oxygen concentration in the sample gas stream is measured by Teledyne’s own advanced Micro-fuel Cell sensor specific to oxygen. The high-accuracy and fast response of these units is ideal for measuring oxygen in ydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, acetylene, ethylene, butadiene, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and many other gases.

Maintenance Free Sensor

Teledyne’s sensors set industry standards for accuracy, sensitivity, and ease of use. Because every sensor undergoes stringent testing and quality control, the end user is assured of outstanding reliability and performance. These patented Micro-fuel Cells are sealed, electrochemical devices with no electrolyte to change or electrodes to clean, making them virtually maintenance free. The sensors are specific to oxygen and are capable of accurately monitoring gas streams containing up to 100% hydrocarbons.

Easy Calibration

The 311 family has a special cal range that allows accurate calibration with the most economical, reliable, abundant standardization gas there is -- atmospheric air. No special span gas is required, and because the sensors offer an absolute zero, there is never a need for a zero gas.

Principle of Analysis

Oxygen in the sample diffuses into the Micro-fuel Cell and reacts chemically to produce an electrical signal that is linearly proportional to the oxygen concentration in the sample gas. This electrochemical reaction is specific to oxygen and is unaffected by the presence of oxidizable gases (carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen, etc.). The signal produced by the Micro-fuel Cell is electronically amplified and displayed on an analog or digital meter readout.

Long Life Rechargeable Batteries

The low operating power required by these units is supplied by two internally mounted, nickel cadmium batteries. Fully charged, these batteries supply enough capacity to operate the unit for approximately 30 days. An overnight charge once a month keeps these batteries in service for many years. An integral charging circuit and detachable power cord allow convenient charging.


Four linear ranges plus cal range

High accuracy and sensitivity; fast response

Unaffected by hydrocarbons and other oxidizable gases

Ideal for measuring oxygen in hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, acetylene,

ethylene, butadiene, and many other gases

Long-life, maintenance-free, Micro-fuel Cell oxygen sensor

No support gases required

Rugged, lightweight, and reliable


Air separation and liquefaction

Pure gaseous hydrocarbon stream monitoring

Semiconductor manufacturing

Protective atmosphere blanketing of primary liquid feedstocks and flammable liquids

Process analysis of gaseous monomers – vinyl chloride, propylene, butadiene,

isoprene, or ethylene

Gas purity certification

Glove box or pipeline leak detection

Natural gas treatment and transmission

Catalyst protection

Inert gas welding of exotic metals

Wave and reflow soldering

Heat treating and bright annealing

Nuclear fuel processing and isotope separation

Analysis of chemical reactions

Headspace gas analysis

SF6 circuit breakers

Crystal growth

Plastics manufacturing


100 or 220 VAC operation

Stainless steel quick disconnect gas fittings (female); mating set (3) of stainless

-steel male fittings (vent, sample, calibration)

Heavy plastic carrying case with foam interior (optional)

Special ranges

Stainless steel cell block

Insta Trace O2 sensor for Trace 311 series

The 311TC offers four switch selectable ranges as low as 0-10 ppm plus a cal range allowing for calibration in ambient air. Power is supplied by rechargeable NiCad batteries.

The 311XL and 311TCXL (BASEEFA certified) provide analysis in decade steps ranging from 0-2 to 0-10,000 ppm full scale. CENELEC approved versions of the 311 are available.